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Publication date May 2009

The rich really are different...

Bradford Fairfax, special agent, has a romantic New Year’s Eve in store for his boyfriend Zach: a stay at a luxury resort in Key West. But their plans are turned upside down when the pair run into an improbable "heiress" to one of the world’s great fortunes — someone who is desperate to convince anyone that his father wants him dead. But how much of a grasp on reality can a drug-abusing mega-wealthy man who thinks he’s Maria Callas really have? And who or what is this mysterious "Baby" that he pines for? Does the transvestite ghost, Rosie, hold the answers to these and other troubling questions? Join Brad and his sidekick Zach for this second instalment in the Bradford Fairfax mystery series, a madcap and raunchy romp through the original gay Shangri-La.

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Press & Reviews

"Page-turning Fun..." in Xtra! July,2009

Key Conventions, Susan G. Cole of NOW Magazine reviews Death in Key West 

Death in Key West #4 Gay Fiction on The Globe and Mail's Bestsellers List

Wayves Magazine's August 2009 Review

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Here's what the world is saying about Death In Key West

Greg Herren, author of Murder in the Rue Chartres and Murder in the Rue Ursulines
"Jeffrey Round is fast becoming one of my favourites. Witty, sly,
and clever, there's a surprise in every chapter!" 

P. A. Brown, author of the L.A. Heat mystery series
"From outrageous drag queens to sweet hustlers, not one of Round's
characters could be considered normal by any stretch of the imagination.
This book makes me want to book a flight to Key West."

Drewey Wayne Gunn, author of The Gay Male Sleuth in Print and Film
"The author has concocted and served up one quite spicy Conch Chowder. But
the dish is never too hot for suave secret agent Bradford Fairfax and his
blue-haired lover, Zach Tyler, to handle in this surprising sequel to
The P-Town Murders."



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