The Jade Butterfly: A Dan Sharp Mystery Book
Dundurn Books
ISBN 9781459721852

A seemingly casual encounter in a downtown bar sends missing persons investigator Dan Sharp in search of a woman presumed dead in the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Twenty years after her disappearance, her brother believes that a woman he glimpsed on the Internet is his sister, now living in Toronto. The closer Dan gets to finding her, however, the less sense things make. Just when he thinks he knows what’s driving his client, an unexpected revelation forces him to choose between what he’s been told and his gut instinct, which says things are not all they seem.

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Here's what the world is saying about Pumpkin Eater

"Jeffrey Round's new mystery, Pumpkin Eater, has a lot of moving parts and they all work beautiful to deliver a complex, suspenseful and touching story. "
Michael Nava, author of the Henry Rios Mystery series


"Pumpkin Eater reminds us why we keep coming back to Jeffrey Round, with a mystery that hooks us and some of the most engaging, complex and satisfying gay characters currently in print. Creepy, touching and funny in just the right measure. I look forward to the third installment."
Christian Baines, author of The Beast Without


"Jeffrey Round is the gay Margaret Atwood!"
Luba Goy, comedien




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