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Publication date August 2009

Fleeing a failed home life—a recent divorce, the death of her father, and an unrelenting battle with her mother—Angela Thomas finds herself thrust into the midst of Bosnia’s civil war. On the outside, the young Canadian journalist’s circumstances couldn’t be more different from her home life, but the internal wars she’s fleeing follow her through the strife and destruction, until the haunting image of a dead woman and her child helps her find what she’s been seeking.

From the battlefields of Bosnia to the forgotten jungles of Chiapas, in a world composed of terror and violence as much as unsurpassable beauty, and with an undercurrent of magic threaded throughout, here is one woman’s extraordinary journey in search of herself.

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2010 Relit Award Longlist Nomination

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Keith Garebian's Stage and Page Website Review

Reviewed in the April 2010 Issue of the Literary Review of Canada


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Here's what the world is saying about The Honey Locust

Carol Bruneau, author of Glass Voices
" With passion and a splendid acuity, The Honey Locust reveals the home truths of relationships in love and at war, baring the waste — and redemptive power — of intimacy."

Anne Michaels, author of The Winter Vault and Fugitive Pieces
"This is a book of insightful humanity, one that understands our frailties and know that courage comes in many forms."

DM Thomas, author of The White Hotel and Lady with a Laptop
"Elegantly written ... explores the interface between the great, tragic events of the Bosnian conflict and the domestic tragedies and conflicts of a Canadian family."


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