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Rounder Publications
Publication date February 2014

What happens in Puerto Vallarta, stays in Puerto Vallarta...

On a mysterious assignment at the famed Mexican resort, gay caballero Bradford Fairfax discovers he has far more to worry about than sand fleas and la turista, when a sultry diva sends out a distress signal, and he is there to answer her call. Brad is left with nowhere to turn when a fellow agent is murdered passing on top-secret information, and his former partner-in-espionage, Little Wing, returns from the dead looking sexier than any corpse should be allowed! Join us for the third installment in the Bradford Fairfax Murder Mystery series, full of action, intrigue, and more heat than a habanero salsa!

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Here's what the world is saying about Bradford Fairfax

"Death in Key West is a suspenseful, campy, rollicking ride with the perfect blend of serious and silly. The mystery is well-crafted, the writing assured and the comedy relief is full of originality and wit." -- RALPH HIGGINS, Wayves Magazine

"Round knows how to set the scene and throw around the bitchy one-liners. And he makes us take Brad and Zach’s relationship seriously, which is really refreshing in a queer thriller." -- SUSAN G COLE, NOW Magazine

"The author has concocted one quite spicy Conch Chowder. But the dish is never too hot for suave Bradford Fairfax and his blue-haired lover, Zach, to handle in this surprising sequel to The P-Town Murders." -- DREWEY WAYNE GUNN, The Gay Male Sleuth in Print and Film

"Riotous lines … page-turning fun … it feels like a game of Clue with drag queens, thugs and crocodiles." -- JAMES K MORAN, Xtra! Magazine

"Whether shaken or stirred, this exquisite cocktail is irresistible entertainment." -- PAUL RUSSELL, The Gay 100

"Jeffrey Round is fast becoming one of my favorites. Witty, sly, and clever, there's a surprise in every chapter!" -- GREG HERREN, Murder in the Rue Chartres

"I can't help but admire an author who poses as a corpse on the cover of his own novel. A breezy read that's hard to put down, I look forward to more Bradford Fairfax mysteries." -- PAUL BELLINI, FAB Magazine

"I cannot recommend this book highly enough." -- AMOS LASSEN, Literary Pride


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