Five Easy Pieces approx. running time: 45 minutes

Five Easy Pieces was Best Boys' third show and first collaborative process, with Peter Hawkins, John Davison, myself, and input from the other two cast members. It was a bit of a misbegotten effort, having sprung from an idea of Peter's to create a one-woman show about a character talking to five exposed penises, representing her ex-boyfriends.

After we had secured a space in the 1994 Fringe of Toronto Festival we quickly discovered that none of us felt capable of writing the work in the time allotted. Instead, we created four monologues and a final four-hand skit designed as a talk show, all commenting on the nature of Penis Power.

The festival that year featured a number of shows about pregnancy, and Five Easy Pieces was written up in an amusing fertility-themed article in eye magazine as "the thing that got you knocked up in the first place." All in all, it was our least successful show but the cast (Heather Carr, Jill Carter, Peter Hawkins and myself), had fun creating and performing it, nevertheless.

Of special note was the set designer's hilarious seven-foot balloon penis. 


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